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Enhance Delivery Speed with Improved Infrastructure

Ever-changing industry scenario has intensified competition among IT firms.

As a result, the time to market has become crucial to gain or maintain a competitive edge. And, this is where the concept of ‘Continuous Delivery’ proved to be an advantage. This crucial aspect has in fact boosted the DevOps demand globally, pitching for DevOps practices as a solution to tackle the new-age Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). But success through DevOps is majorly gauged by the set of tools and resources used part of the DevOps implementation process.

‘Puppet’ is one such tool that has been crucial to succesful DevOps process.

Why Puppet?

It’s time to simplify your IT infrastructure delivery and management. Make it more reliable, flexible robust and fast. No worries, Puppet Solution does this for you! A Puppet Enterprise solution ensures seamless enforcement of security and compliance policies via a single source of configuration. Scaling across teams and servers, it ensures safe and effective cloud migration, thus boosting productivity and employee satisfaction.

How Puppet Solution Supports?

Facilitating easy infrastructure management, Puppet supports rapid software delivery and on demand with less manual efforts and more of automation. It helps you implement infrastructure-as-code and eliminates the need to expand teams. This eventually contributes to the effective team collaboration that make up the core DevOps best practices. With Puppet, the infrastructure management becomes easier with the help of same tools that developers use for version control, code review, automated testing, continuous integration and automated deployment.

It helps you easily automate elements across multi-cloud infrastructure at scale in a single platform. With its robust orchestration techniques, Puppet solution automatically sets the order of operations and facilitates secure information passage among different services.

Real-time and interactive reporting methods of Puppet gives you a clear insight about how your infrastructure and applications are configured, along with their relationships and dependencies.

Implement the policy-as-code mechanism with ease to simplify audits and ensure compliance requirements are met during change situations. Use the pre-defined workflows to build, test and deploy infrastructure, besides getting code visibility and attain control over code repositories and audit trials.

Business Benefits
  • Puppet provides a centralised platform for configuring and deploying critical services
  • Make changes to configurations from the Puppet master and watch changes propagate automatically
  • Avoid working on each individual server
  • Less mistakes and downtime
  • Easily set up UAT and Production environments to test changes
  • Quickly deploy new software dependencies or roll out upgrades
Deviter as Your ‘Puppet Consulting Partner’

Deviter has a team of technical experts who can help you across all stages of your software development cycle. Our Puppet consulting experts guide you along the evaluation, integration, implementation and deployment of Puppet and related resources easily into your operating environment.

We cover almost every key aspect of Puppet consulting services, including Puppet Management, Puppet Deployment, Puppet Security, Puppet Containers and more.

Deviter's Puppet - Support and Consultancy Synopsis
Installation and Deployment

We take your initial requirement and create a fully functional and supported Puppet platform

Deploy new configuration

Creating and deploying new Puppet configurations

Troubleshooting Services

Helping you to diagnose issues with existing configurations

Training and Support

Puppet training services are available