Bulk SMS Services

Everything you need to send better bulk SMS communications
Easily personalize your bulk SMS

Personalize your bulk SMS by including names, IDs and other information via merge fields. Get rid of excel plugins!

Attach files to your SMS

Send images, PDFs and other files as attachments to your SMS and grab your customers’ attention.

Real-time delivery & click reports

Track real-time SMS delivery status of every SMS you send. Also, track clicks of all shortlinks created on Deviter.

Opt-out or opt-in users easily

Use our inbound feature to easily gather opt-ins. Include a readily available opt-out path to let users unsubscribe.

Mobile tickets and vouchers

Design own voucher codes, unique coupons and, mobile tickets. Insert them in your bulk SMS campaigns on the fly.

Schedule and stagger options

Plan ahead by scheduling SMS for a later time and date. You can also stagger your campaign to be sent in batches.

URL shortener

Convert your weblinks into unique trackable shortlinks and get granular click reports to track and measure campaign effectiveness.

SMS templates and history

Save time by creating SMS templates and using them for frequently sent messages. Also, access previously sent SMS for easy reference and re-use.

Custom sender names

Send SMS from your custom 6-alphabet sender IDs or sender names and enhance brand identity. Note: Only transactional SMS can be sent with a Sender ID.

Compose in 20+ regional languages

Type and send SMS in 20+ Indian languages by using our incredibly easy transliteration tool.

Mobile surveys and forms

Create mobile-optimized surveys & forms. Get maximum responses by sending them as links in your SMS campaigns.

Flexible contact management

Paste, type in numbers, or upload via excel sheets. Easily search contacts, remove duplicates, merge/split groups & more.

Convey more in 160 characters

Easily insert files in your bulk SMS campaigns with SMS attachments

Convey additional information by inserting images, files, pdfs, and videos in your SMS at a click of a button. Save time and effort in uploading, hosting and generating weblinks for the files.

Create mobile-optimized web pages right from the web portal

Design your web pages in minutes using our web page builder. Put all the information you could not convey in the SMS including images, videos, links to your website and more.

Use our inbuilt URL shortener to generate shortlinks on-the-fly

Save space in your SMS by shortening the long weblinks using our inbuilt URL shortener. Enable advanced tracking to send unique links to every recipient and track mobile numbers of people who clicked on your link, time of the click, and device characteristics.

Track SMS campaign effectiveness

Get insights into your bulk SMS campaign performance with click metrics

Track clicks, the mobile numbers along with parameters like device type, OS, browser of the clicked recipients. Use this information to measure your SMS campaign response and understand your audience better.

Test, measure & optimize your campaigns to know what works best

Compose the perfect SMS by analyzing what CTA, what time, what offer works best by continuously measuring how each of the campaigns performed. Keep optimizing by using CTRs as an indicator of campaign effectiveness.

Identify and re-engage with users who showed interest

The advanced click tracking allows you to trace mobile numbers of all recipients who clicked on your SMS campaigns. You can segment and re-engage by directly calling them up or by sending detailed information and tailored offers.

Different ways you can send SMS with Deviter
Wordpress Plugin
Magento Plugin
Whatsapp API
Email to SMS
Promotional SMS or Transactional SMS, we’ve got you covered

Choose the SMS route best suited for your business needs, whether it is for bulk SMS marketing or customer engagement.

Promotional SMS

Configured by default for all new accounts, promotional SMS is generally used for sending any offers or promotions to new and existing customers. Messages are sent to non-DND numbers and opt-in numbers (via myDND Manager) between 9 AM and 9 PM only.

Transactional SMS

Transactional route can only be used for sending transactional SMS such as OTPs and alerts to your registered users. Messages can be sent 24x7 from your 6-character Sender ID(s). To configure a transactional route, create your account today and contact sales@deviter.in. No setup costs involved!

Best-in-class delivery. Guaranteed.

Thousands of enterprises including leading banks trust us with sending OTPs and other business-critical messages via our bulk SMS gateway.

  • Intelligent, fine-tuned SMS gateway routing technology
  • Robust and scalable infrastructure with inbuilt redundancy
  • Direct connectivity with multiple telecom operators

  • Enterprise-grade security with 128-bit data encryption and strict data privacy policies.
  • Fanatic customer support for expert help with everything from simple tips to technical integrations.
  • Clear, honest pricing with zero hidden charges. Pay as you go with zero commitments. See bulk SMS pricing.