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Speed and quality of software delivery matter the most than anything else in the current IT industry scenario. This is in fact a key to gaining a competitive edge or winning the market through benchmark solutions backed by faster innovation. But achieving this is not so easier!

Though technology solutions like DevOps have shown the path of continuous delivery, getting the desired result demands effective implementation of relevant tools and resources. The tools that align your IT existing infrastructure with the set objectives and drive production at the expected rate are the need of the hour. There are a large number of tools in the DevOps lifecycle by purpose, such as code, build, test, package, configure, infrastructure and monitor, among others.

‘Jenkins’ is one you would definitely require in this transformational journey!

‘Jenkins’ in Brief

Jenkins is a self-contained, open source automation server that helps IT teams in executing build, test and deploy operations of the software development process. It’s a Java-based continuous integration server most popularly used for managing continuous integration builds and delivery pipelines.

Jenkins is easily installable through native system packages or standalone on any machine with a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) and can run independently on any platform.

Fast-track Your Software Development Process

Jenkins is a self-contained open source continuous integration tool, ready to run out-of-the-box, with packages for Windows, Mac OS X and other Unix-like operating systems.

It empowers developers to automate build, deploy and testing for their applications. As a leading open source automation tool, Jenkins provides hundreds of plugins to facilitate integration with most third party applications.

Get Started
Why Jenkins ?
  • Free, open source tool
  • Easy to install and simple to configure
  • 900+ plugins
  • Supports many programming languages(e.g. Java , python , PHP , ruby)
How Jenkins Impacts Software Delivery?

As an extensible automation server, Jenkins easily integrates with hundreds of plugins in the Continuous Integration/Continous Delivery (CI/CD) tool chain. It comes with simple configuration setup over web interface and can either be used a CI server or transformed into a continous delivery hub as per the project requirements.

It helps developers in continuous build and test operations, and also supports easy integration of various development lifecycle processes such as build, test, package, stage, deploy, analysis and more. It requires only a little maintenance and has a well-incorporated GUI tool for continuous updates. Jenkins executes automation scaling at an advanced level, making communication and collaboration among processes and teams easier than ever.

As the developer sends the code to source code repository, Jenkins server monitors the repository for any updates or changes. Upon a code commit, it pulls the changes made and moves on to prepare builds to further send it to test server. This pipeline to create builds (prepare, test, package, publish and deploy) can be configured and after running it successfully, Jenkins generates alerts and notifies the developers about build and test results.

Overall, Jenkins solution promises:
Business Benefits
  • Increased productivity due to automation
  • Reduction in resources costs
  • Cost efficiency due to the usage of open source tools
  • Improved visibility of provisioning life cycle
  • Consistent deployment across all nodes
  • User friendly interface
  • Role based privileges ensuring security across environments
Deviter For Jenkins Consulting

Today’s many leading IT solutions and services are part of Deviter Consulting. Deviter has a team of DevOps experts who can help you in DevOps implementation along with the implementation of relevant tools and resources. Our Jenkins experts assist in all directions of Jenkins implementation by analyzing your business requirements.

Deviter's Jenkins Consulting Services:

Through assessment of your infrastructure provisioning challenges and goals.


Installation, configuration and customization of Jenkins for continuous development and integration


Assistance with day-to-day usage of Jenkins, issue resolution, etc.

Managed Services

Gold, Silver and Platinum packages for infrastructure operations and maintenance