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What Is DevOps?

As a software development methodology, DevOps integrates software development and information technology operations to improve communication, collaboration and productivity between the teams.

Simply put, it brings – developers, quality analyst (QA) system admins, engineers and testers together, so that they can work on a project in sync rather than in complete isolation. This results in a shorter development life cycle, compared to the traditional software development model like the Waterfall model.

From planning, coding, building and testing (Dev) to release, deployment, operations and monitoring (Ops), the DevOps development methodology uses the best practices to deliver greater value to businesses.

With the emphasis on task automation, DevOps developers/engineers are able to create robust and reliable systems that help eliminate the need for repetitive manual processes. In addition, with DevOps, new features, bug fixes and updates for a product are rolled out on a frequent basis.

The key DevOps Lifecycle Phases include
  • Continuous Development.
  • Continuous Testing.
  • Continuous Monitoring.
  • Continuous Integration.
  • Continuous Deployment.

Thus, as a methodology that focuses on continuous improvement, the DevOps development model is seen as an effective way of developing dynamic applications that evolve with time to meet future challenges.

Advantages of Using DevOps for Web Development

Since DevOps is an amalgamation of not only the best practices and tools, but also cultural philosophies, the benefits of using DevOps for web development are three-fold. This includes:

Technical Benefits of DevOps
  • Faster development cycles.
  • Continuous integration and continuous software delivery.
  • Early detection resulting in quicker resolution of bottlenecks.
  • Rapid deployment leading to faster product launch.
  • Greater code synchronization.
  • Seamless maintenance and higher security.
  • Reduce risk of product failure.
Business Benefits of DevOps
  • Faster time to market helps increase ROI.
  • Swift delivery of essential features.
  • Secure, stable and scalable operating environments.
  • Enhance IT infrastructure management and process automation.
  • More time to innovate based on A/B Testing and customer feedback.
  • High-quality application or software system providing a competitive edge.
  • Improve customer experience and satisfaction.
Business Benefits of DevOps
  • Enhance communication and collaboration between teams.
  • Increase employee engagement.
  • Decrease silos between the development & operational teams.
  • Higher team flexibility and employee satisfaction.
  • Continuous learning and improvement.
  • Increase employee efficiency resulting in more productivity.
  • Shared responsibility for maintaining the system/software and delivery automation./li>
  • More opportunities for professional growth & development.
DevOps Services

Regardless of how complex your application workflow is, we can automate it with our DevOps services

We define approach to integrate development and operations

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DevOps Consulting

Start-ups to large enterprises rely on us for DevOps services

Deviter Business Solution is a leading DevOps service provider enabling an organization to deliver a better and faster application.

With a blend of below concepts, we architect the process for better co-ordination between the development and operation team.

  • Continuous Planning -- An agile way
  • Continuous Integration -- Orchestrate a release
  • Continuous Testing -- Testing based on the cases defined
  • Continuous Deployment -- With Zero downtime
  • Continuous Monitoring/Feedback -- Health check of the application
DevOps Services

We deliver the highest quality products and automate workflows through rapid and incremental iterations

Lean Management, Communication and Collaboration

DevOps stresses the importance of collaboration, communication, and convergence between development and operations. DevOps can use the benefits of Lean methodologies into operations by reducing the barriers to delivering more value to the customer (Lean) and aligning with the business. This results in a better running development team, smoother operations, and ultimately happier customers.

CI/CD Pipeline

Every solution requires continuous enhancement to keep it updated and personalized as per the evolving business flow. Our DevOps team bridges the gap using CI/CD pipeline development, continuous integrations, continuous testing and continuous deployments.

Microservices and Chaos Engineering

Our team implement Chaos Engineering: discover the tools, tests, and culture needed to create better software and prevent outages and downtime, and microservices architecture to make your applications faster, more flexible, and more stable

Monitoring and Logging

Once the cloud infrastructure has been set up, we provide 24X7 continuous monitoring services to keep a watch on potential errors, and to report them in a timely manner. Customer experiences are least impacted with this quick reporting and notifying method and quick corrections prevent further spread of the errors.


Involving security in DevOps has been a challenge because traditional security methods have been unable to keep up with DevOps’ agility and speed. DevSecOps is the movement that works on developing and integrating modernized security methods that can keep up with DevOps.

Infrastructure as Code

To successfully implement a good DevOps strategy for your organisation, using infrastructure as a code becomes crucial. With faster deployments, higher ROIs, automated testing, frequent updations, and iterative data management, our strategic approach uses best practices such as version control and continuous integration to create a masterful, programmable software.

DevOps Tools

Our DevOps consultants are experts in industry-leading DevOps tools

Why us for DevOps Solution

Our certified Scrum experts have years of experience leading projects that enhance cross-team collaboration and successfully deliver reliable applications faster.

Agile Methodology

Pragmatic, Artful and Transparent working Methodology is what differentiates us from others

Our Engagement Models

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Resource augmentation

The best-suited model when a client seeks better security, transparency, and credibility with our expertise


A most popular model for small projects; it gives freedom to pay as the project completes

Time & Material

The engagement model allows to pay only for the resources and time you use for the project

Fixed Cost

It is the right choice for projects that have specific development requirements and scopes.

Frequently Asked Questions
Deviter Business Solution is one of the promising names in DevOps development services. We have the highly-skilled developers and advanced tech-tools to deliver unmatchable results. Deviters’s post-development support services are there to ensure the seamless performance of your application.
DevOps is remarkable in application development. It is useful in infrastructure development with its core operations including code development, code coverage, unit testing, packaging, deployment with infrastructure, provisioning, configuration, orchestration, and deployment as fully-functional applications.
Our experts have a thorough understanding of DevOps tools; you can find some of the common familiar tools like Ansible, Git, Selenium, Puppet, Jenkins, and Chef.
The Continuous Delivery process is a practice of delivering the application/software for testing as soon as it is built by Continuous Integration (CI) servers.
Yes, Deviter provides an automation testing facility during the DevOps application development process.
The lead time is the least time to initiate the DevOps project within a few hours of project acquisition process takes place.
The DevOps scrum methodology helps teams to work together collaboratively. Scrum framework helps in synchronizing the workflow among different teams and creates a ground for keeping a track of development.
Yes, after the successful delivery of your project, we will provide feedback based support services for initial days. Afterward, you can choose our service plans and continue our expert support services.
No, the price quote will be according to your project demand and we make sure to follow the budget up to your satisfaction level.
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