Kubernetes Solutions

Automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications

Kubernetes is a portable, extensible, open-source platform for managing containerized workloads and services, that facilitates both declarative configuration and automation. It has a large, rapidly growing ecosystem. Kubernetes services, support, and tools are widely available.

Kubernetes provides you with a framework to run distributed systems resiliently. It takes care of scaling and failover for your application, provides deployment patterns, and more. For example, Kubernetes can easily manage a canary deployment for your system.

Why do you need Kubernetes?

When compared with the competition, Kubernetes overcomes many of their shortcomings. For starters with Kubernetes allows DevOps engineers to deploy containers across multiple servers hosts.Kubernetes can be integrated into the networking, storage, telemetry, security, testing tools, and many other services to provide DevOps engineers with a solid container infrastructure. Depending on the environment, applications can be scaled up or down, the scaling is done be according to the number of containers as well. While all of this may sound complicated, with Kubernetes it is easy to track and monitor the performance of all containers. Whether be it single container executing multiple services or multiple containers executing single service.

Deviter-The best storage for Kubernetes. Period.

Running stateful services on Kubernetes is fraught with peril–stuck volumes, downtime, manual backups and migrations, lost data. Deviter solves these challenges and more with cloud native storage and data management built from the ground up for Kubernetes.

When you use Deviter as the data management layer for Kubernetes, you can:

  • Reduce time-to-market for container projects dramatically
  • Reduce compute costs by 40-60%
  • Reduce storage costs by 30% or more
  • Reduce ops and support costs by millions annually
Deviter supports the major Kubernetes platforms
Deviter is the easiest way to run stateful services on AWS. We integrate with both Amazon EKS and ECS, enabling cross-AZ High Availability for any Kubernetes stateful app, while eliminating common problems like stuck volumes.
Run high-performance databases, analytics, big data, machine learning and AI workloads on OpenShift without the resource and performance limitations of OpenShift Container storage based on GlusterFS.
Real data management

Deviter is way more than just storage. We bring powerful data management tools like auto-scaling, blue-green deployments and copy-data management into the heart of Kubernetes.

Kubernetes Storage. And much more.

Deviter provides the enterprise class storage you need like HA, encryption, class of service, and backup & recovery. But thanks to a cloud native design, it delivers all that and more in a fully automatable, programmable way that fits right into your modern, DevOps workflows.

Enterprise class storage

HA encryption class of service,backup and recovery

Devops friendly software

Installable as container,api driven, runs anywhere and no-lock in

Deviter-not just storage experts.

Most enterprise storage companies don’t think about apps. We’re different. Deviter has built-in and automated best practices for application deployment, scaling, backup and recovery, application consistent snapshots and cloud migrations. Everything we do is about making your apps run better.